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25 September 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Lips parted to protest the number of rooms when Cordelia interrupted with her offer to take the smaller. That surprised her enough into silence. Chase passing up a suite ? Wasn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse ? A mental shrug and Xander stepped on her next attempted statement.

At the word 'married' Faith's head snapped around in attention to him, managing to keep her expression lacking in shock. Biting the inside of her lip to avoid the laughter that threatened to spill out at his ridiculous story, she was pulled closer by his arm around her.

Yeah, the world had to be ending. Xander Harris, the man she had once tried to kill, openly putting them in a situation where people would expect them to be in close contact. As Kay's attention was diverted with the keys, she responded to his well pleased wink and smile with crossed eyes and a goofy face resembling something a six year old would do. "What can I say. . " the Slayer did her best at an innocent smile towards the elderly woman, "I just love banging hard things."

The woman didn't seem to notice the underlying perverted nature of her symbols reference, so Faith simply laughed to herself and turned to leave. That was when Xander's arm was offered to her. "Aw, now Pookie, no reason to be shy. It's our honeymoon after all." Dragging his arm around her shoulders, she held on to the wrist with a loose grip; the arm against him snaked around his back, allowing her hand to rest in his back pocket. Flash of Faith's normal predator smile and she lead him to the elevator, swearing she heard Cordelia scoff in disgust at the display.

The appearance was kept until arriving to their room after parting from the vision girl. He wanted to play and Faith didn't mind. It kept her from thinking of memories past, as well as amused her. But then Xander always had. Part of the reason she'd given that dork love a try back in the day. Before the attempted murder and all. Untangling from him as he had the key and would need his hands, she waited, and with a casual glance to the door, gave a chuckle. "Gonna carry me over the threshold, Hubby ?"
puffy_xandman on September 26th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)

Xander could not help but be a little aroused by the way she was touching him. He was only human after all and Faith was incredibly sexy and strong… oh man was she ever strong. Xander still shivered when he remembered their first sexual encounter. He had never been so bruised and violated, at least not until he met Anya who was in many ways just as demanding as Faith had been. Still Faith was his first so that is why it stood out.

“Hey we’re a pretty modern couple.” Xander teased leaning in with a roguish smile. “I think you need to carry me over the threshold.” She smelled wonderful and desire coursed through him; that was until her remembered their second encounter. If it was not for Angel he would have died. In a way that was almost as bad as the murder attempt, the debt he owed Angel.

“Or we can stick to convention.” Xander said lifting the slayer up and carrying her to the bed. He plopped he down on it but made no further flirtations. Granted he had feelings for Faith but he knew better than to come on strong. “So want to check out the menu and order some grub?”
faith lehane: b&w eyesscratchyouout on September 27th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
Of course he couldn't help it. She was Faith. Aside from gay men and nuns, she doubted there was anyone she couldn't have. If she wanted them. There were mixed feelings for their previous intimate occurrences. So when he hesitated in the game and backtracked to the option not requiring her to have that small control over his position, her smile faltered.

She wasn't a genius, but luckily it didn't take one to put the puzzle together. She remembered what she did to him. There wasn't a good way to apologize for something like that, so she'd never bothered with finding the courage. Preparing to offer him an out as to the entire skit, he finished his role by scooping her up and carrying her to the bed.

Glancing up to him during the topic change, she slowly slid to the edge of the mattress. "Uh. . yeah. I could eat." Suddenly uncomfortable by the declaration made by the room, more so than him, she came to her feet. "Order whatever, it's on me. Gonna steal a shower. Long plane ride, fight." After her awkward explanation, she retreated with her bag to the bathroom.

A mirror greeted her once she'd closed the door and rested against it for a beat. "Good thing that wasn't lame." Halting the self inflicted sarcasm, she hit the water on and made good on her shower. The normally relaxing act was ruined by the newly found guilt over her next room over companion. Pity. It had started out almost pleasant.
puffy_xandman on September 28th, 2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
Xander pulled out the menu and poured over the selection offered by the good people at the Holiday Inn. Everything looked good to the former carpenter so he simply picked up the phone and picked a few items at random. Two Hamburgers, cheese fries, sodas and a couple slices of their pie for dessert.

After the order was placed the brunette knocked on the door to the bathroom to inform Faith that food would arrive.

“Hey Faith the food will be here shortly. Don’t waist all the hot water because I need to shower next.” He teased with a smirk waiting for the slayer to finish.
faith lehane: lipsscratchyouout on September 29th, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
That reflection was waiting for her again, blurred by steam, when she had finished showering soon after Xander's call. The same furtive gaze of silent admission to her wrong doings. The same cowardice for not being able to verbalize those confessions to the people who needed to hear them.

Sweeping motion took her hand over the moisture, revealing a more solid image of herself. Wrapping herself in a towel, she stared for what seemed like ages. In a split second, she'd turned, hand shooting out for another towel and shaking it across her scalp quickly before flinging the door open. "Here's the thing."

She started, voice firm and no doubt surprising the unsuspecting ex carpenter. Another quick run of material through her hair and she tossed it aside, walking directly in front of him and forcing eye contact. "I'msorry." Rushed syllables filtered out in nervousness, yes, Faith was capable of such a thing. Closing her eyes, she sighed in annoyance at the mistake and tried a different route.

"Back then. Before, in SunnyD. I did a lot of things I'm not proud of. Lot of shit I wish now I could take back. To Buffy, to everyone." Brown hues came into view again, determination present once more. "To you." Not at all concerned for her more than casual dress, she continued on in seriousness. "You tried to help me. . and I treated you like every other piece of sleaze had treated me. You were the first decent guy I knew."

A small pace began, hands wringing in each other as narration continued. "It threw me, ya know ? Didn't know they made 'em like that. I can't undo any of it, can't make it right." There a moment of vulnerability, where the notion that her entire speech would be rejected entered her mind. A flash and it was gone and she pushed out the last. "But I'm sorry."

The knock to the door didn't avert the direction of her gaze, even after the corresponding voice sounded. "Room service."
puffy_xandman on October 4th, 2006 01:49 am (UTC)
Xander was at a loss for words so he just stammered something in response but ultimately he was saved by the bell or more accurately a knock on the door.

“Food?” He asked opening the door and tipping the hop with some singles he had stashed in his wallet. “Hey everything is better with burgers.” Xand said feeling a little stupid. The apology was nice but kind of sounded like one of those deathsbed things that people made trying to feel less guilty. Faith looked healthy so he wondered what inspired this rant.

“Faith I’m not mad at you. You went through a lot and well it’s not like you killed…” He stopped, she had killed she just didn’t kill anyone he knew. In a way that made her crimes easier to forgive than Angels, Xander would never forgive Angel.

“Hey if I didn’t trust you would I be here offering you food and willing to share a bed?” Xander said looking at the slayer with her damp skin and perfect body wrapped up in a towel. He was human; it was hard to talk and not think about the body that the terry cloth hid.

“So why don’t we eat and see what is on TV?” He finally suggested taking a seat on the bed and digging out a burger. “Maybe we will be lucky and there will be a good made for TV movie.”
faith lehane: leanscratchyouout on October 4th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
He babbled and ran off to the door, leaving a certain Slayer feeling awfully lame in his wake. Had she really thought that was going to clear the air of all past crimes ? She'd tried to kill him for God's sake. 'I'm sorry' really doesn't cover it. Tongue flicked out in annoyance against the back of pearly whites, at herself and his seeming dismissal.

But leave it to Xander Harris to rank food above all else. Soon returning with his order, a dose of surprise was stricken to Faith as he stated he wasn't mad. Back turned, before intending to return to the bathroom, head snapped around with a near enough to feral look. "I did kill people." Words dripped like acid, but only in hatred for herself.

Forcing a sigh of relaxation, taking a piece of time to simply feel the droplets of water falling from her hair and hitting already dampened skin. "Maybe you shouldn't trust me." Confusion in her voice before bouncing back with a look of. . well, more confusion, but the comical variety. "And you don't really have a choice on the food or bed. That so doesn't count." Matter-of-factly she returned to the bathroom long enough to dress.

Which honestly, probably wasn't an approvement as she sauntered through the room on barefeet returning her things back to order, clad in nothing more than a black muscle tee and her underwear. Panties were styled much like hot pants, navy in color with a very distinguishing Bedtime Bear figure centered on the front. Finger was pointed at him as she moved for the food. "Don't." Given her normal appearance, and the lack of choice in her outfit now, he could probably work the warning out himself.

Unwrapping her burger and taking a bite she tossed herself back to the bed, eventually settling in a lounged position on her side. "By the way. . " Tone wrapped around the food in her mouth between chews, "there's no such thing as a good made for TV movie." Another few eager bites of her sandwich and she aimed a hand toward the cheese fries.
puffy_xandman on October 4th, 2006 02:59 am (UTC)
Xander saw that as a challenge and grabbed the remote and started to flip through the channels.

“How can you say that? They are like soap operas except the acting is not as good and they are 4 times as long.” Eventually Xand found the lifetime channel and pulled out a handful of fries.

“Oooh this is a good one. See her husband is a drinker and she has to win custody of her daughter from him because he beats them. The judge is corrupt and wants the girl to stay with her dad because he is southern and sexist. Oh and the woman’s mom has cancer so she has to find a way to pay medical bills for the mother while fighting for her daughter. It is all very touching.” Xand grinned at Faith as the movie played and finished his burger.

Soon all the food was gone but the movie was not even halfway over.

“See you will see a few of these made for women movies and be a total convert.” Xander insisted grabbing a pillow to rest his elbows on as he stretched out on the bed. It was all he could do to distract himself from the barely clad slayer ever so close to him on the bed.
faith lehane: troublescratchyouout on October 4th, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)
"I can say it because it's true." If there was anyone who wouldn't mind her endless appetite, it would be Xander. That was one of many good points about him. She could list a few but that would be verging on mushy. And Faith didn't do mushy.

Excessively drawn out groan came about midway through his explanation, though she did wait until he was finished to retort. "All these women are stupid. I've been with some bad cats before and to stay with someone like that. . ya gotta be two times coo-coo in the brainpan. Channel for morons is closer to the truth." She grumbled in complaint, her food soon vanishing, trash discarded from the bed.

In truth, he was lucky she hadn't come out naked. Okay, maybe not lucky, but it could have been awkward. But she usually preferred to sleep in the nude, so it was a grace on his behalf. "Convert this." In a quick motion hands had stolen his pillow, only to conk him firmly over the head with it.

Weapon released she stilled once more, not a shred of embarrassment for her attire. Canting her head towards the television, a faux look of innocence was used, pretending to be paying attention to the ongoing plot twists in the movie.
puffy_xandman on October 5th, 2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Xander stared at Faith with wide eyes for a moment. Did she just hit him with his pillow? Well not his pillow since the pillow belonged to the nice people at The Holiday Inn but still.

“Oh missy I think you just declared war.” Xand announced sitting up and grabbing another pillow from the back and smacking the slayer’s back side with it.

“Come on tough girl; let’s see how you fight pillow style.” His grin was mischievous. As fun as the movie had been this could only be more interesting. He had never battled a slayer in such fun circumstances.
faith lehane: if you want itscratchyouout on October 5th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)
A laugh erupted from throat cavity, neither evil or heinous in its nature. It was simple amusement at the expense of his idea that he could take her, in any fight. "You sure you wanna do this, Xand ?"

It wouldn't hurt to give him a chance to surrender now. Xander was childlike in many ways. She seemed drawn to that, despite his dorkish habits. LoTR and comics aside, she felt relaxed with him. If such a thing were possible, she felt like she'd regained a piece of her innocence, the same that had been denied during her actual child years. All from a demon magnet cyclops. Who'd have thought ?

Sitting up against the slight motion of mattress, she flashed a hopefully disarming smile. "I mean. . if you want some ass play all ya had to do was ask." She was nearly as stupid as most labeled her, she was aware of the affect she had on men. And that still included Xander.
puffy_xandman on October 5th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)
Xand grinned and smacked the slayer a few times with the pillow. “Hey this is to be a respectable pillow fight! Unless you don’t want it to be.” With that Alexander Harris reached over and grabbed a small handful of terry cloth covered breast.

“Come on Faith defend your honor.” He teased gripping his pillow tighter and taking another swing. It was fun; a bit like foreplay but with the added tension of not knowing it there would actually be any sex. He wanted her of course but he did not want to take advantage of Faith either. He knew how men often treated her; treated her like a sex toy. He wanted to show the slayer that she was more than that.

“What? Are you chicken? Afraid you will be bested by the one eyed fighting master?”
faith lehane: lipsscratchyouout on October 5th, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)
Eyeshot descended to his grasp of breast through t-shirt. Brow cocked and while head remained downcast, eyes shot upward to look at him with amusement. "What honor, Cyclops ?" She laughed, of course, as if it were a joking matter. But there really wasn't any part of her that had retained enough purity to defend.

The knowledge wouldn't be new to him so she hadn't thought it a big deal. At his taunting, however, she acted. Uplifting arm forced his hand from her personage, simultaneously snatching not only the free pillow but his as well. Yes, she was a sneaky one.

Both pillows pulled together, trapping his head between a deathblow of downy feathers. Taking the opportunity, both pillows were tossed from the bed and she jumped to her feet on the bed. Jumping around his position. "Oh ! How ya gonna best me now, carpenter ? Huh ?" Ruffling his hair, continuing what she would declare her victory dance.
puffy_xandman on October 5th, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
Xander smirked as he watched Faith jump on the bed her breasts and hair bouncing in a hypnotic manner. It was more than a little arousing; the carpenter would never look at care bears the same way again. After sitting and watching the show for a while Xand snapped out of his trance and grabbed the slayer around the knees tackling her.

The bed jumped slightly as their bodied collided in a tangled heap. Xand saw his opening and took it; straddling Faith around the waist and pinning her hands down.

“Hey just because I have one eye does not mean I am not a worthy adversary.” He taunted happily enjoying the feeling of the writhing slayer beneath him.

“Now all you have to do is say uncle and I will let you go.”
faith lehane: desirescratchyouout on October 6th, 2006 12:18 am (UTC)
She was a Slayer. Preternaturally strong, born with reflexes and speed other humans would never know-- she could have easily wriggled free from the tackle. But wiggle under him seemed more appealing at the moment. "Worthy adversary, check." Besides, he looked so happy, basking in his fake win.

Too bad. Hips raised, a shift of weight, a roll of motion and she regain her rightful place. On top. Knees flexed inward, tightening around his hips. She didn't worry with pinning his arms, she had other means.

Tilt of her spine and she lowered her face close to his, hands splayed on his chest for a bit of support. "What if I call you Daddy instead ?"
puffy_xandman on October 6th, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
Xander could barely breathe: the feeling of the slayer writhing over his crotch, the look of her beautiful face, and the sound of her voice as he teased him. He was only human and nothing would be able to shake his arousal.

“Oh God Faith… call me daddy? That would be so hot and wrong… but mostly hot.” He squeaked out squirming. “You know I think you won… maybe you should get off me so I can take a long cold shower…” He wanted her, wanted her now in the worst way but he did not think she would want him.
faith lehane: bad girlscratchyouout on October 6th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
She eased back, ass seated firmly over him in her straddling position as he squeaked. Satisfied smile tugged the corners of a plump mouth upward. "Yeah, guess I did win." Fingers curled under, taking a loose hold on fabric covering his upper torso. Xander was fun to play with it seemed. Of course, she remembered that from before. All twitchy and nervous. Made a girl feel good.

"What's my prize ?" Came the next blurted statement, completely ignoring the suggestion of her getting off of him. "I fought hard for my Slayer victory. I should be compensated." Legs closed tighter around him, only a fraction, drawing a bit of friction from the small movements of their bodies. "Don't you think so, Daddy ?"
puffy_xandman on October 6th, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
Xand whimpered looking up at the slayer and nodded slowly even though he barely heard a thing she said. She was so beautiful and practically perfect in everyway. The carpenter had to shake himself out of this daze, she had asked him something and he would need to answer.

“Prize?” He asked cupping her face gently with his hand before letting his hand drift down to the swell of her breast and the curve of her hip. He was fully erect now and grinding tightly into his girl. “What kind of prize do you want?” He asked leaning up and meeting his lips with hers. The kiss was light and sweet, his tongue brushing her lips.

“I can give you that kind of prize unless you had something else in mind?” Wow was he feeling slick today! Xander was never the best with seducing the ladies and had a feeling right now that Faith would laugh at his lame attempts. Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe things were moving too fast. Still his body did not think so; his body wished things would move faster.
faith lehane: just skinscratchyouout on October 6th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
Eyes drifted in downward cusp to view his hand grazing her cheek before lowering, finally a smirk teasing her lips as it rested to her hip. "Well, I--" Words were choked to lifelessness against his mouth. It was a familiar taste outlined with the taste of the hamburger he'd eaten.

She sat there for a few moments, looking down at him. He was too sweet for his own good. It hadn't been decided yet if it would benefit her or be her downfall. There was really only one way to be sure. As per her usual tactic-- do it and find out.

"I'm thinkin' that's more like a consolation prize." Hardness felt beneath her at his movement and she offered a slight roll of her hips. Leaning down she rested full on top of him. "And I'm sure you can do better than that."
puffy_xandman on October 7th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
His body acted faster then his mind ever could. Hands reached up and dragged the coy slayer to him and his mouth devoured hers in a flurry of hungry kisses. He then rolled over so she was lying next to him, her body entwined with his as he ground into her wanting-needing to feel every inch of her body.

“Faith.” He moaned dropping his kisses from her mouth to her neck to the thin cottony shirt, sucking her nipples into soft peaks before kissing his way down to her thin cotton panties.

“Hmm bedtime bear?” Xander said with a laugh massaging the slayer through the thin cotton material. He did this for a bit before moving his mouth to the image of the bear and giving it a big deep kiss.
faith lehane: xaith kissscratchyouout on October 7th, 2006 01:41 am (UTC)
Oh. Xander Harris suave. That was definitely a new experience for Faith. All she could remember of him was the nervous squeaks of a virgin. At least now she'd get more than seven minutes outta him.

Letting him direct the stage for now, she was rolled and adjusted to his liking, soon to be lavished with the warmth of his mouth touring her curves. Hand coiled around his neck and upward to tangle in his hair with firm grasp.

Hips rose as he tormented the poor care bear marker on her panties with hand and kiss. Lids drifted closed and she shot upward against his weight, suddenly fevered attempts to remove his clothing, shirt first. "Too much cloth, get it off, stud."
puffy_xandman on October 7th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
Her voice was like music to his ears. Right definitely too much clothing. He tried to unbutton his shirt but his heart was beating to loud and he lost all small motor function so he just yanked the shirt off over his head. He had been getting rather warm so this was a definite improvement. Still he kept his pants on and focused on getting the slayer undressed.

The care bear panties came off first. Without the distracting cartoon Xand was able to get to work licking and teasing the moist flesh. He dragged is tongue over Faiths most private lips, sucking and teasing the flesh with his tongue and teeth. She felt her writhe beneath him and that made the carpenter work even harder. He had learned a trick or two since the last time they had sex. He wanted to show her that he knew what it took to please a woman and was more then willing to do it.

After a few minutes of worshiping her flesh Xander moved back up to the slayers side so he could look her in the eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked stroking her cheek. To Xander this would not be a one night stand, sex always meant something to him. He was not saying it meant love but it meant something; she meant something.
faith lehane: colorsscratchyouout on October 7th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
Skin was bared and Faith was all hands. Gripping, grinding, scratching and rubbing. Anything in reach. Shoulders to crotch, it was all fair game to her heated condition. She was known for being more than enthusiastic for sex games.

Gasped intake of air came at his immediate attention to her pussy, and yes, it was to be taken as a compliment. Faith didn't fake for anyone and she sure as Hell didn't keep going if there was nothing in it for her.

Writhing upwards in encouragement and pleasure, she was disappointed to find him crawling back to her side. "Tease." She mumbled lowly, though not upset as she already knew his intent. Xander didn't mate a girl without making sure he wasn't taking advantage of her emotions.

"I'm not vulnerable, Harris." Hand covered his, thumb caressing the knuckles there before urging his touch from her face. Mischievous grin and she was unbuttoning his pants, nudging them down his legs. "Now shut up and fuck me, yeah ?"
puffy_xandman on October 7th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
A smirk played on his lips as the slayer helped him remove the last articles of clothing. First the pants came off and were tossed over the bed and then his boxers joined them in a small heap. He was not going to rush it though; so he continued to kiss Faith on the mouth and neck as he worked her shirt off over her head and tossed that aside.

Her breasts were perfect, round, with a sweet crimson nipple on top. The carpenter went to work sucking on one nipple while his finger massaged the other one. He continued to kiss and suck on the soft flesh while guiding is free hand down to the damp spot between her legs.

His thumb flicked over her clit, feeling slippery hot flesh and working his way to the tight entrance. He pushed one finger inside before putting two and three. He fucked her with his finger drawing out moans and whimpers; he wanted to work her up to a near frenzy before entering himself.

When Xander felt the slayers needs were properly met he reached over to his bag and grabbed a condom. Once fully sheathed the carpenter straddled Faith and slid into her. His moan was rough feeling her tightness surround him.

“Your so beautiful,” He grunted pushing all the way in. He pulled out slowly before entering again. She felt wonderful, strong muscular thighs, soft sweet skin, and warm beautiful breasts; it was perfect.
faith lehane: beautiful disasterscratchyouout on October 7th, 2006 07:32 am (UTC)
He wanted her to kill him. The near death experience with strangulation hadn't irked him enough. Now he was purposely tormenting her state of near combustion with his fingers in her, working an already built tension to the breaking point.

Whimpers and moans were erupting from her throat, in heightening pace, in fact at the pulsations of pleasure ripping through her. But that was completely not the point. The point was she was going to murder him if he didn't get on with it. Growl of frustration as he messed with the condom and he was pushing into her the next.

"Fuck." Came at the feeling of him fully inside her. Scratch the assassination, she had other ideas now. Better and more fun ideas. Prison hadn't been that much fun anyway.

Legs wrapped around him instinctually, forcing him deeper. Small laugh worked its way loose at his compliment. He meant it and Faith knew that. But, it wasn't good. "Not now." That was the way it worked before. Guys tells girl how beautiful she is, they have sex, guy runs off leaving girl feeling less than pretty. Her earlier experiences weren't romantic or lasting, maybe why she had developed the get some, get gone theory.

"After." Small smile before lips demanded attention, crashing against his and plying into his mouth with her tongue. Pink appendage explored the new territory slowly for a change of pace, savoring him. Eagerness didn't die out, soon she was pushing upwards against his thrusts in slick collision.
puffy_xandman on October 8th, 2006 07:50 pm (UTC)
The fog of sex was so thick Xander could barely think; had he said something wrong? What had he said? He wasn’t sure but hoped he had not said anything mean. The feeling of the slayers soft skin, her tight slick sex, and the hypnotic bouncing of her breasts. As far as Xand knew he could have just said the pledge… I pledge allegiance to the…to the… to the fuck!

Xander let out a harsh groan picking up speed and momentum feeling his body near an orgasm. He fought the need; tried to focus on other things to delay finishing too soon. As quick as he could the carpenter rolled over pulling Faith with him. Soon he was on his back and Faith was on top. The view was nicer from here and he continued bucking his hips to meet hers; grabbing her waist and holding the wily slayer tight.

“I’m gonna cum.” He moaned out pulling Faith to him and devouring her mouth with his. With a few last desperate thrusts Xander tensed up and reached climax. “Fuckity fuck…” Xander gasped into the slayers mouth slowly starting to recover. He was sticky with sweat and smiling up at the brunette on top of him.

“Now can I say how beautiful you are?”
faith lehane: xaith kissscratchyouout on October 9th, 2006 04:30 am (UTC)
Noise of amusement escaped as he flipped them, putting her on top now. Yeah, this was much better. Familiar power and arch of pleasure, riding down on him in quick, increasingly raw need.

Hands splayed to his stomach for balance in the act of Slayer skills tormenting his current on-the-edge state. "Fuck." Breathing led way to panting gulps of air as she bounced against the thrusts of his cock. Moan poured into his mouth in the final acts of sin, his fall in to ecstasy pulling her over as well. Guttural cry and she was gone, exploded in the undertow of pleasure. Muscles contracted and cum released onto sheathed anatomy.

A moment to recuperate and she was smirking atop the carpenter. "I suppose you can, if you're done already." Quick wag of her brows and she laughed at herself, stilling against him. This was the part she was bad at, the after sex moments. Old Faith would toss him out, move on. She wasn't doing any of that, simply rolling her weight from him and plopping beside him, view of the ceiling greeting her.
puffy_xandman on October 9th, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
He was done but they were not. The feel of the slayer, hearing her heart beat wildly away against his chest was the most perfect feeling. They were both clammy with sweat but he had no desire to get up and shower. He wanted to savor the moment and force the brunette to cuddle with him. She was defiantly not the cuddler so the carpenter would force her to learn.

“This was nice.” Xand finally said kissing her forehead and gazing deep into her eyes. “Would it be too much to ask if it means something?” He had never been one for one night stands, at least not in practice. In a way the carpenter thought of this as just a continuation of what they had in high school, granted it was years in the making but it meant something; it meant a lot.
faith lehane: smokingscratchyouout on October 11th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
No, definitely not a cuddler. Getting up, showering and coming back to an empty room was more her speed. Most of the time she hadn't minded either. Faith had always been great at picking the worst men. There had been Robin. He was stable and she'd adjusted to his manner of wanting a relationship. The only problem had been that he didn't do it for her. So, she'd never been comfortable enough around him to have that relationship.

Kiss to her forehead drug her from the thoughts, returning his gaze. "Shut up, Harris." Mouth met his for a moment in laughter and she rolled away from him, hand fumbling on the floor beside the bed. "Sure it does." Prize found, her position was restored, cigarette slipped from pack and lit. "Means you're up to eight whole minutes." Giving him a look, she nodded thoughtfully, smoke filtering out through nostrils. "I gotta keep you around now."

It wasn't the most heartfelt of declarations, needless to note. But it was drawn out Faith-speak for a simple answer-- yes, it meant something.