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01 September 2006 @ 10:16 pm
Cordelia did not go after the bitchy slayer but rather let her storm off in her classic manner. Instead the Vision Girl gathered her things and let Angel drive her home. So many things had changed and yet a few were the same. Dennis was one of those things at least.

“Hey I’m home! You better not have eaten all the ice-cream.” C said in a somewhat happy voice once all the lights where on in her apartment and she had her shoes kicked off. A long bath followed and once again Dennis did not disappoint with the loofah.

Cordy’s bedroom smelled a bit stale and there was a fine dust all around the apartment but apart from that it was home and her bed had never felt so soft. Because of this the brunette slept all night not even waking once till 8 a.m.

“The weather is near perfect here in LA; sunny and just over 80 degrees; though things might get nasty if that hot front ever leaves the Boston area and heads west. Today Boston broke its previous highest temperature by five degrees. That previous record was only made three days ago so this is not a good sign for Boston.” Cordelia stared at the TV as she searched around her kitchen for something to eat. She could not help but wonder if her vision had anything to do with this. Not like there was any point of worrying because clearly Faith had no interest in helping.
faith lehane: darkscratchyouout on September 4th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
It wasn't in her nature to share her feelings, be them good or bad. She had adjusted to taking care of herself and the world being against her. It hadn't made an optimist of the brunette and it hadn't made her trust easily. Cordelia's peek into, well, whatever part of the past she had seen, left Faith unsettled.

She had attempted to patrol that night after leaving the hospital, but her concentration was off. An hour into the task and she'd returned to pick up her bag from the Hyperion, avoiding its inhabitants at all costs. A quick roam through the less expensive part of town and she'd found a hotel to occupy for the duration of her stay.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't luxurious. It was Spartan and that was the way she was use to. Nothing fancy. A quick shower and she'd passed out, most of her energy spent from the rather odd day she'd had. Sleep would come fast but rest, it seemed, was more evasive.

Shadowed images shrouded in fog and uncertainty. There was an unconscious instinct that she knew what she was seeing, but the picture was obscured from her mind's eye. Flashed visions in color and black and white, spinning on the axis of her brain until the pain seen in them became physical. Boston was buried beneath the sights of misery, even unsure to her if it was connected to the rest of merely idle memories. Mirrored inflictions of injury and mental doubt. A hand shot through the darkness and pressure built on her left eye.

The last moment of torture was when her frame jolted awake in the center of the mattress, covered in sweat. A few gasped intakes of oxygen and she regained the composure of her surroundings. Awakening from the disturbing slumber did little to quell her concerns.

"Xander." It was the only thing that made sense. It was tugging at the base of her reason and she grabbed the phone and dialed information. "Bitch better be listed." She demanded to the air and a few moments later the phone was ringing to connect her to the former cheerleader.
visionsofcordy on September 4th, 2006 06:12 pm (UTC)
The phone call took C by surprise, at first she wondered if it was Angel having troubles finding his son but the name flashing on the display said otherwise.

“Hello” Cordy had a feeling she knew who this was, miss-stubborn-never-needing-anyones help unless it’s Angel who is offering. “Cordelia Chase speaking may I ask who is calling?” There was always a chance it was a former client offering to pony up some cash for a job. Those calls were C’s favorite.
faith lehane: b&w eyesscratchyouout on September 6th, 2006 06:27 am (UTC)
"Cut the crap, no one should answer their phone like that." The insult was out before Faith could even think to restrain the negativity. Exasperated sigh and she pulled in an overdrawn breath to calm the hostility and the worry she held for Xander. They weren't the closest of friends after what had happened those years ago. But he hadn't dismissed her in Sunnydale and that was enough for Faith.

Her new found redemption wouldn't allow her to forget the dream, even if it wasn't prophetic. A quick count to ten and she started again. "I had a dream. Bunch of weird shit I couldn't make out but I got the general idea, which was pain. And knowing Slayer luck, a lot of it." Voice paused to allow room for any sarcasm she might need as payback and then jumped in once more in an urgent, unignorable tone. "It was about Xander."
visionsofcordy on September 6th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah… Xander; that was a name Cordelia could have gone a long time without hearing. Still something about the dream seemed to ring some bells so Cordy decided to just ignore who the dream was about and worry about what it was about. After all if Faith had received a prophetic dream than there was probably a good reason for the powers to have it.

“So our pal Xander is in trouble; any idea where he is or what kind of trouble?” Something in Cordelia’s gut said that there was going to have to be some travel involved. She had some money stashed away and she hoped it would be enough for plane tickets because a road trip with a slayer seemed like it would be all kinds of bad.

“Look if you want we can meet at the Starbucks on fourth so we can figure this out.” C worried about adding caffeine to the already hyper-active slayer but she needed the boost so it would be a risk the Vision girl would have to take.
faith lehane: hard to get byscratchyouout on September 9th, 2006 08:05 am (UTC)
"Last I heard he was in Africa but. . I really wasn't gettin' a jungle vibe from the dream." It wasn't the best time for second guessing but, Faith's mind wasn't exactly a steel trap of memory. The pictures came in, but they weren't always recorded for later use. "I. . I don't know. He could be anywhere."

She was already gathering clothes and her daily essentials, namely cigarettes, when Cordelia suggested meeting somewhere. "Uh, yeah. I'll call Giles and then find you." She hung up without warning and chaotically tugged on her ensemble. This situation would go from bad to worse without Giles' involvement. It would leak back to Buffy and she didn't think either of them wanted the blonde involved.

One call later and her mood hadn't improved by much. Boots laced together under the hem of black pants and she was headed out the door, pausing only long enough to wedge a nicotine stick between her lips.
visionsofcordy on September 10th, 2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
Cordy stood in line at the coffee shop looking over her shoulder every few minutes to see if she could find Faith. It was not as if Cordelia was nervous that the slayer would not show. After all as sketchy as the crazed one was she was at least not prone to lying.

“I will have a venti decaf caramel macchiato with extra whip.” The second the words were said Cordy looked up to see some teenage girl with a Prada bag and a new manicure handing over a twenty to the cashier. Cordy remembered there was a time that she was that girl but that was the time before Xander and before her dad lost all his money to the government. It was not like C was still bitter; she had learned that being fabulously wealthy and popular had its down sides even if the Vision Girl could not list any of the any off hand.

“Miss, can I help you?” The cashier was a mousy blonde who seemed to think blue eye shadow did not make her look like an out of work clown.

“Yeah just a grande coffee.” Cordy ordered reaching into her hand bag and pulling out a couple of singles to hand over.

“Right would you like anything else?” C just shook her head suddenly feeling tired and just wanting to lie down.

“No I’m fine.” The vision girl replied smiling and taking her drink over to a small table to wait.
faith lehane: bad girlscratchyouout on September 11th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
She was strolling up to the coffee shop twenty minutes later. Her attire had been straightened from its frenzied state and she looked more to her badass self nature. Another cigarette, unsurprisingly, was lodged between her lips and she made no motion to discard it before entering. Too many places discriminated smokers these days. It was unethical, really.

No sooner had she entered the joint when some random broad had made the declaration. "Hey, you can't smoke in here."

An eye roll, immediately accompanied by a sigh came and she lifted the plastic and dropped the still burning cigarette into the female's coffee. "Better ?" She flashed a sardonic smile and turned her attention around the rest of the room. Spotting Cordelia, she moved to the table and took the seat opposite. "Boston."

It hadn't been the best news Giles could have given her, but its all they had. Why Xander was in Boston, she didn't know. Aside from the unwanted memories of her family there were other reasons the city was a bad place for Faith to be. When she'd been called as a Slayer, she hadn't taken Buffy's route of making friends with demons in the community. They had hated her and she'd liked it that way. It wasn't until Kakistos that her reputation had been void.

"He's in Boston." She repeated, with the same lacking amount of enthusiasm.
visionsofcordy on September 12th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)
The coffee was still hot when the slayer arrived in her traditional manner of arriving. Cordy just raised one eyebrow in a silent greeting as she added another packet of suger-in-the-raw to her coffee stirring it until the brown crystals dissolved.

“Boston?” Cordy did not want to start a fight so she does not say anything about knowing Boston would be their destination from the very beginning. One she did not see the point in provoking the slayer and two if C had been wrong there was no way she wanted to show her hand too soon.

“Well good to know Xander still has the ability to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.” The vision girl commented sipping her coffee to make sure it had just enough sugar to be palatable. The brunette did not say anything for a bit but instead focused on drinking her coffee and occasionally glancing out the window time to time. People walked by looking happy and probably not worrying about saving lives or fulfilling destinies.

“Ok well we should probably go and do something about it.” Cordy stated simply standing up. “They only question is how the heck are we going to get to Boston?”
faith lehane: invitationscratchyouout on September 12th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
At the other girl's questioning tone as to Xander's whereabouts, she was shot a warning glance. Repeating it didn't seem to be changing the outcome so it was unneeded redundancy. She didn't like the idea anymore than Cordelia seemed to, but the circumstances couldn't be changed with wishful hoping.

The second small response from C led Faith to believe she knew more than she was sharing. It didn't exactly inspire trust on Faith's side, but if there was some unhidden agenda Cordelia was trying to fulfill than it was best for Faith not to push the boundaries. So she simply leaned back in her chair and studied the female during her lapse into silence.

A smug smile sprouted at the next line of queries. "Forgot who I am, right ?" She laughed, this time not referring to her ability to kill someone with a pinky. "I'm one of Giles' go to girls. He's got me covered. There's a plane waiting at the airport when I'm ready."

Looking her over once, Faith decided to offer an out. She'd just gotten out of a coma, the last thing she needed to get involved in was a demon hunt across the country in a place they don't even know exists. Her dream hadn't been specific, there were no great monuments to lend clues, so on arrival they were most likely looking at a very long night of leg work. "Ya know, Cor, I can handle it from here. You could stay here with Angel and take it easy."
visionsofcordy on September 12th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)

Miss Cordelia chase just rolled her eyes at the last line. If the powers decided to get her involved there had to be a good reason for it. C had no desire to turn her back on this case no matter what annoying people would joining her on this little trip.

“Thanks for the offer. Now how about we go to this awesome plane you have waiting for you?” Cordy hoped it would be a private jet after all Miss C deserved no less than that.

“I took a cab so you can drive or we can just take a cab together.” Driving was out of the question for the vision girl lately. The visions were not painful but they sure could be distracting and to have on while operating any motor vehicle would be bad.
faith lehane: to be newscratchyouout on September 13th, 2006 02:39 am (UTC)
It looked as if fortune was not on Faith's side. Fate and possibly spite seemed to want the brunette duo together. At least for a little while longer. The task of going to Boston and saving Xander would no doubt be long and arduous, tempting the Slayer's patience, but she couldn't very well deny Cordelia. The Cyclops of a Scooby was just as much her worry as Faith's.

Maybe more. After all, Xander and Faith had never exactly been close. Not in any way beyond sex. Cordelia could be useful if they needed someone to get inside the boy's head. Figurative or literally. Queen C could conjure a vision once they got in range of him. At this point, anything was possible.

"Let's blow." She said simple, raising from her chair and exiting the coffee shop without a second glance. Only a laugh at the notion of her driving. She was sure she could handle the job, but there was no car or driver's license. Her plan had been to hoof the distance but apparently the princess had other ideas. So she rested against a newspaper bin and let the female hail her precious taxi.

A simple instruction of their destination and they arrived at the semi - private airport inside of half an hour thanks to traffic. The plane was indeed private; Giles and The Council didn't make a habit of pulling civilians into their line of work. Probably wasn't the most luxurious of rides, but it served it's purpose well. Walking the space between the building and plane, she made a small head motion, urging Cordelia to keep up.