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25 September 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Lips parted to protest the number of rooms when Cordelia interrupted with her offer to take the smaller. That surprised her enough into silence. Chase passing up a suite ? Wasn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse ? A mental shrug and Xander stepped on her next attempted statement.

At the word 'married' Faith's head snapped around in attention to him, managing to keep her expression lacking in shock. Biting the inside of her lip to avoid the laughter that threatened to spill out at his ridiculous story, she was pulled closer by his arm around her.

Yeah, the world had to be ending. Xander Harris, the man she had once tried to kill, openly putting them in a situation where people would expect them to be in close contact. As Kay's attention was diverted with the keys, she responded to his well pleased wink and smile with crossed eyes and a goofy face resembling something a six year old would do. "What can I say. . " the Slayer did her best at an innocent smile towards the elderly woman, "I just love banging hard things."

The woman didn't seem to notice the underlying perverted nature of her symbols reference, so Faith simply laughed to herself and turned to leave. That was when Xander's arm was offered to her. "Aw, now Pookie, no reason to be shy. It's our honeymoon after all." Dragging his arm around her shoulders, she held on to the wrist with a loose grip; the arm against him snaked around his back, allowing her hand to rest in his back pocket. Flash of Faith's normal predator smile and she lead him to the elevator, swearing she heard Cordelia scoff in disgust at the display.

The appearance was kept until arriving to their room after parting from the vision girl. He wanted to play and Faith didn't mind. It kept her from thinking of memories past, as well as amused her. But then Xander always had. Part of the reason she'd given that dork love a try back in the day. Before the attempted murder and all. Untangling from him as he had the key and would need his hands, she waited, and with a casual glance to the door, gave a chuckle. "Gonna carry me over the threshold, Hubby ?"
puffy_xandman on October 5th, 2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Xander stared at Faith with wide eyes for a moment. Did she just hit him with his pillow? Well not his pillow since the pillow belonged to the nice people at The Holiday Inn but still.

“Oh missy I think you just declared war.” Xand announced sitting up and grabbing another pillow from the back and smacking the slayer’s back side with it.

“Come on tough girl; let’s see how you fight pillow style.” His grin was mischievous. As fun as the movie had been this could only be more interesting. He had never battled a slayer in such fun circumstances.
faith lehane: if you want itscratchyouout on October 5th, 2006 03:45 am (UTC)
A laugh erupted from throat cavity, neither evil or heinous in its nature. It was simple amusement at the expense of his idea that he could take her, in any fight. "You sure you wanna do this, Xand ?"

It wouldn't hurt to give him a chance to surrender now. Xander was childlike in many ways. She seemed drawn to that, despite his dorkish habits. LoTR and comics aside, she felt relaxed with him. If such a thing were possible, she felt like she'd regained a piece of her innocence, the same that had been denied during her actual child years. All from a demon magnet cyclops. Who'd have thought ?

Sitting up against the slight motion of mattress, she flashed a hopefully disarming smile. "I mean. . if you want some ass play all ya had to do was ask." She was nearly as stupid as most labeled her, she was aware of the affect she had on men. And that still included Xander.
puffy_xandman on October 5th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)
Xand grinned and smacked the slayer a few times with the pillow. “Hey this is to be a respectable pillow fight! Unless you don’t want it to be.” With that Alexander Harris reached over and grabbed a small handful of terry cloth covered breast.

“Come on Faith defend your honor.” He teased gripping his pillow tighter and taking another swing. It was fun; a bit like foreplay but with the added tension of not knowing it there would actually be any sex. He wanted her of course but he did not want to take advantage of Faith either. He knew how men often treated her; treated her like a sex toy. He wanted to show the slayer that she was more than that.

“What? Are you chicken? Afraid you will be bested by the one eyed fighting master?”
faith lehane: lipsscratchyouout on October 5th, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)
Eyeshot descended to his grasp of breast through t-shirt. Brow cocked and while head remained downcast, eyes shot upward to look at him with amusement. "What honor, Cyclops ?" She laughed, of course, as if it were a joking matter. But there really wasn't any part of her that had retained enough purity to defend.

The knowledge wouldn't be new to him so she hadn't thought it a big deal. At his taunting, however, she acted. Uplifting arm forced his hand from her personage, simultaneously snatching not only the free pillow but his as well. Yes, she was a sneaky one.

Both pillows pulled together, trapping his head between a deathblow of downy feathers. Taking the opportunity, both pillows were tossed from the bed and she jumped to her feet on the bed. Jumping around his position. "Oh ! How ya gonna best me now, carpenter ? Huh ?" Ruffling his hair, continuing what she would declare her victory dance.