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25 September 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Lips parted to protest the number of rooms when Cordelia interrupted with her offer to take the smaller. That surprised her enough into silence. Chase passing up a suite ? Wasn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse ? A mental shrug and Xander stepped on her next attempted statement.

At the word 'married' Faith's head snapped around in attention to him, managing to keep her expression lacking in shock. Biting the inside of her lip to avoid the laughter that threatened to spill out at his ridiculous story, she was pulled closer by his arm around her.

Yeah, the world had to be ending. Xander Harris, the man she had once tried to kill, openly putting them in a situation where people would expect them to be in close contact. As Kay's attention was diverted with the keys, she responded to his well pleased wink and smile with crossed eyes and a goofy face resembling something a six year old would do. "What can I say. . " the Slayer did her best at an innocent smile towards the elderly woman, "I just love banging hard things."

The woman didn't seem to notice the underlying perverted nature of her symbols reference, so Faith simply laughed to herself and turned to leave. That was when Xander's arm was offered to her. "Aw, now Pookie, no reason to be shy. It's our honeymoon after all." Dragging his arm around her shoulders, she held on to the wrist with a loose grip; the arm against him snaked around his back, allowing her hand to rest in his back pocket. Flash of Faith's normal predator smile and she lead him to the elevator, swearing she heard Cordelia scoff in disgust at the display.

The appearance was kept until arriving to their room after parting from the vision girl. He wanted to play and Faith didn't mind. It kept her from thinking of memories past, as well as amused her. But then Xander always had. Part of the reason she'd given that dork love a try back in the day. Before the attempted murder and all. Untangling from him as he had the key and would need his hands, she waited, and with a casual glance to the door, gave a chuckle. "Gonna carry me over the threshold, Hubby ?"
faith lehane: colorsscratchyouout on October 7th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
Skin was bared and Faith was all hands. Gripping, grinding, scratching and rubbing. Anything in reach. Shoulders to crotch, it was all fair game to her heated condition. She was known for being more than enthusiastic for sex games.

Gasped intake of air came at his immediate attention to her pussy, and yes, it was to be taken as a compliment. Faith didn't fake for anyone and she sure as Hell didn't keep going if there was nothing in it for her.

Writhing upwards in encouragement and pleasure, she was disappointed to find him crawling back to her side. "Tease." She mumbled lowly, though not upset as she already knew his intent. Xander didn't mate a girl without making sure he wasn't taking advantage of her emotions.

"I'm not vulnerable, Harris." Hand covered his, thumb caressing the knuckles there before urging his touch from her face. Mischievous grin and she was unbuttoning his pants, nudging them down his legs. "Now shut up and fuck me, yeah ?"
puffy_xandman on October 7th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
A smirk played on his lips as the slayer helped him remove the last articles of clothing. First the pants came off and were tossed over the bed and then his boxers joined them in a small heap. He was not going to rush it though; so he continued to kiss Faith on the mouth and neck as he worked her shirt off over her head and tossed that aside.

Her breasts were perfect, round, with a sweet crimson nipple on top. The carpenter went to work sucking on one nipple while his finger massaged the other one. He continued to kiss and suck on the soft flesh while guiding is free hand down to the damp spot between her legs.

His thumb flicked over her clit, feeling slippery hot flesh and working his way to the tight entrance. He pushed one finger inside before putting two and three. He fucked her with his finger drawing out moans and whimpers; he wanted to work her up to a near frenzy before entering himself.

When Xander felt the slayers needs were properly met he reached over to his bag and grabbed a condom. Once fully sheathed the carpenter straddled Faith and slid into her. His moan was rough feeling her tightness surround him.

“Your so beautiful,” He grunted pushing all the way in. He pulled out slowly before entering again. She felt wonderful, strong muscular thighs, soft sweet skin, and warm beautiful breasts; it was perfect.