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25 September 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Lips parted to protest the number of rooms when Cordelia interrupted with her offer to take the smaller. That surprised her enough into silence. Chase passing up a suite ? Wasn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse ? A mental shrug and Xander stepped on her next attempted statement.

At the word 'married' Faith's head snapped around in attention to him, managing to keep her expression lacking in shock. Biting the inside of her lip to avoid the laughter that threatened to spill out at his ridiculous story, she was pulled closer by his arm around her.

Yeah, the world had to be ending. Xander Harris, the man she had once tried to kill, openly putting them in a situation where people would expect them to be in close contact. As Kay's attention was diverted with the keys, she responded to his well pleased wink and smile with crossed eyes and a goofy face resembling something a six year old would do. "What can I say. . " the Slayer did her best at an innocent smile towards the elderly woman, "I just love banging hard things."

The woman didn't seem to notice the underlying perverted nature of her symbols reference, so Faith simply laughed to herself and turned to leave. That was when Xander's arm was offered to her. "Aw, now Pookie, no reason to be shy. It's our honeymoon after all." Dragging his arm around her shoulders, she held on to the wrist with a loose grip; the arm against him snaked around his back, allowing her hand to rest in his back pocket. Flash of Faith's normal predator smile and she lead him to the elevator, swearing she heard Cordelia scoff in disgust at the display.

The appearance was kept until arriving to their room after parting from the vision girl. He wanted to play and Faith didn't mind. It kept her from thinking of memories past, as well as amused her. But then Xander always had. Part of the reason she'd given that dork love a try back in the day. Before the attempted murder and all. Untangling from him as he had the key and would need his hands, she waited, and with a casual glance to the door, gave a chuckle. "Gonna carry me over the threshold, Hubby ?"
faith lehane: beautiful disasterscratchyouout on October 7th, 2006 07:32 am (UTC)
He wanted her to kill him. The near death experience with strangulation hadn't irked him enough. Now he was purposely tormenting her state of near combustion with his fingers in her, working an already built tension to the breaking point.

Whimpers and moans were erupting from her throat, in heightening pace, in fact at the pulsations of pleasure ripping through her. But that was completely not the point. The point was she was going to murder him if he didn't get on with it. Growl of frustration as he messed with the condom and he was pushing into her the next.

"Fuck." Came at the feeling of him fully inside her. Scratch the assassination, she had other ideas now. Better and more fun ideas. Prison hadn't been that much fun anyway.

Legs wrapped around him instinctually, forcing him deeper. Small laugh worked its way loose at his compliment. He meant it and Faith knew that. But, it wasn't good. "Not now." That was the way it worked before. Guys tells girl how beautiful she is, they have sex, guy runs off leaving girl feeling less than pretty. Her earlier experiences weren't romantic or lasting, maybe why she had developed the get some, get gone theory.

"After." Small smile before lips demanded attention, crashing against his and plying into his mouth with her tongue. Pink appendage explored the new territory slowly for a change of pace, savoring him. Eagerness didn't die out, soon she was pushing upwards against his thrusts in slick collision.
puffy_xandman on October 8th, 2006 07:50 pm (UTC)
The fog of sex was so thick Xander could barely think; had he said something wrong? What had he said? He wasn’t sure but hoped he had not said anything mean. The feeling of the slayers soft skin, her tight slick sex, and the hypnotic bouncing of her breasts. As far as Xand knew he could have just said the pledge… I pledge allegiance to the…to the… to the fuck!

Xander let out a harsh groan picking up speed and momentum feeling his body near an orgasm. He fought the need; tried to focus on other things to delay finishing too soon. As quick as he could the carpenter rolled over pulling Faith with him. Soon he was on his back and Faith was on top. The view was nicer from here and he continued bucking his hips to meet hers; grabbing her waist and holding the wily slayer tight.

“I’m gonna cum.” He moaned out pulling Faith to him and devouring her mouth with his. With a few last desperate thrusts Xander tensed up and reached climax. “Fuckity fuck…” Xander gasped into the slayers mouth slowly starting to recover. He was sticky with sweat and smiling up at the brunette on top of him.

“Now can I say how beautiful you are?”
faith lehane: xaith kissscratchyouout on October 9th, 2006 04:30 am (UTC)
Noise of amusement escaped as he flipped them, putting her on top now. Yeah, this was much better. Familiar power and arch of pleasure, riding down on him in quick, increasingly raw need.

Hands splayed to his stomach for balance in the act of Slayer skills tormenting his current on-the-edge state. "Fuck." Breathing led way to panting gulps of air as she bounced against the thrusts of his cock. Moan poured into his mouth in the final acts of sin, his fall in to ecstasy pulling her over as well. Guttural cry and she was gone, exploded in the undertow of pleasure. Muscles contracted and cum released onto sheathed anatomy.

A moment to recuperate and she was smirking atop the carpenter. "I suppose you can, if you're done already." Quick wag of her brows and she laughed at herself, stilling against him. This was the part she was bad at, the after sex moments. Old Faith would toss him out, move on. She wasn't doing any of that, simply rolling her weight from him and plopping beside him, view of the ceiling greeting her.
puffy_xandman on October 9th, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
He was done but they were not. The feel of the slayer, hearing her heart beat wildly away against his chest was the most perfect feeling. They were both clammy with sweat but he had no desire to get up and shower. He wanted to savor the moment and force the brunette to cuddle with him. She was defiantly not the cuddler so the carpenter would force her to learn.

“This was nice.” Xand finally said kissing her forehead and gazing deep into her eyes. “Would it be too much to ask if it means something?” He had never been one for one night stands, at least not in practice. In a way the carpenter thought of this as just a continuation of what they had in high school, granted it was years in the making but it meant something; it meant a lot.
faith lehane: smokingscratchyouout on October 11th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
No, definitely not a cuddler. Getting up, showering and coming back to an empty room was more her speed. Most of the time she hadn't minded either. Faith had always been great at picking the worst men. There had been Robin. He was stable and she'd adjusted to his manner of wanting a relationship. The only problem had been that he didn't do it for her. So, she'd never been comfortable enough around him to have that relationship.

Kiss to her forehead drug her from the thoughts, returning his gaze. "Shut up, Harris." Mouth met his for a moment in laughter and she rolled away from him, hand fumbling on the floor beside the bed. "Sure it does." Prize found, her position was restored, cigarette slipped from pack and lit. "Means you're up to eight whole minutes." Giving him a look, she nodded thoughtfully, smoke filtering out through nostrils. "I gotta keep you around now."

It wasn't the most heartfelt of declarations, needless to note. But it was drawn out Faith-speak for a simple answer-- yes, it meant something.