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01 September 2006 @ 10:16 pm
Cordelia did not go after the bitchy slayer but rather let her storm off in her classic manner. Instead the Vision Girl gathered her things and let Angel drive her home. So many things had changed and yet a few were the same. Dennis was one of those things at least.

“Hey I’m home! You better not have eaten all the ice-cream.” C said in a somewhat happy voice once all the lights where on in her apartment and she had her shoes kicked off. A long bath followed and once again Dennis did not disappoint with the loofah.

Cordy’s bedroom smelled a bit stale and there was a fine dust all around the apartment but apart from that it was home and her bed had never felt so soft. Because of this the brunette slept all night not even waking once till 8 a.m.

“The weather is near perfect here in LA; sunny and just over 80 degrees; though things might get nasty if that hot front ever leaves the Boston area and heads west. Today Boston broke its previous highest temperature by five degrees. That previous record was only made three days ago so this is not a good sign for Boston.” Cordelia stared at the TV as she searched around her kitchen for something to eat. She could not help but wonder if her vision had anything to do with this. Not like there was any point of worrying because clearly Faith had no interest in helping.
22 August 2006 @ 08:17 pm
“Yeah…” The eyes were the same: that was how Cordy knew it had been her. A little girl scared and alone now a big girl but besides height and age had much else changed? Angel tried to argue that Faith needed their help because she was lost, like he had been lost. Angel wanted to help her but helping Faith and other psycho’s like her always seemed like a giant waste of time.

“So one minute I am madly in love with someone; Angel. I just figured it out and was going to meet him to tell him how much I loved him and the next minute I am hijacked by a demon and have sex with the man I love son and than wham in a coma. Ok not like that really happened in two minutes but it was all pretty close together.” Cordelia rips off the tape on her hand and carefully removes the IV drip.

“Than I’m dead which totally sucks because well I had plans like finally getting the tiffany diamond engagement ring or you know something like that. However for some reason instead of going into the light I go into the trailer park and see you: well not you but little kid you and than I am alive.” Cordelia than removed a few more attachments from her body turning of the machines just by gripping them and letting the power serge through her fingers.

“Which is like hello? Why am I getting a vision of you of all people? You the girl who knocked me out and tortured Wes. Yeah, don’t think saving us from Angelus will make me forget all that.” Cordy grumbled standing up from the bed wobbling slightly.

“Hey are you going to help me or not?” The vision girl asked with a grin.
21 August 2006 @ 03:30 pm
A stifled gasp erupted from the throat of a seemingly ordinary bus passenger, shaken from slumber by the unpleasant nightly memories of her past. The few other riders aboard who were awake were staring in confusion. Faith didn't notice, preoccupied with repressing the emotions.

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